Love Triangle: Because love is all about geometry.

There are two kinds of readers.

  1. The type who fangirls everytime the MC is confused and torn between who should be the one to have his/her heart.
  2.  Those person who rolls their eyes when the dreaded love triangle surfaces.

If you’re more likely the type who favors number 2, then cheers buddy. I hate love triangles too.

But what is a love triangle?

If that isn’t clear yet, here’s an example.

Have you watched/read The Twilight series? Remember when Bella is so torn between Eddy the sparkly vampy and Jakey the wolfy? That my dear, is a love triangle.

LT (let’s shorten this to LT because typing is a hassle sometimes) is one of my pet peeves in reading a book. As much as it annoys me, no matter how good the blurb sounds, the moment that I found out that it has LT on it, I’m done. No excuses,asswipe. Some people love it, some dont. But here are my reasons why LT is next to my shit list.

  1. How do you spell complicated? L-O-V-E    T-R-I-A-N-G-L-E.

Let’s be honest. A normal love story between two people is hard enough. Drug Lords? A werwolf/ vampire/ ghost/assassin gone rogue and wants to kill all your love ones even your cat? A conspiracy? A virus that needs to be contained? All in a normal love story. And you mean to tell me you have to add another character to fall in love with your MC?

The gunshots, stabbings, running around to make sure you survive while trying to realize that H loves h alone takes too much time. We don’t need another twat to make the story more confusing.

Life is better if it’s simple.

2. The indecisiveness and the idiocy.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING screams indecisiveness more than LT does.

That feeling where the heroine is so much confuse as who will be the right guy for her because both are so handsome and both makes her heart beats so fast?

Or when the heroine can’t make the choice of the century in which her dying world needs because she’s too busy thinking which one she should trust?

And let’s not forget that this usually makes the level-headed and mature heroine into a blubbering idiot. The once smart girl is now reduced to a moron because she’s too in love with the two guys to think clearly.

Give me a fucking break.

3. One of them would always get hurt.

If you were Team Jacob and you found out that Bella chosed Edward, you’ll get hurt and be disappointed that Jakey didn’t get the girl. Like duh. That’s what LT does! It makes you choose sides and then you’ll start comparing two characters against each other because that’s the nature of LT.

You’ll wonder why this character didn’t choose this character. Is it because he’s not bad enough? Or is it because she was not there when he needed someone? Or is it because that guy is less of an alpha than the other dude? Whether you like it or not, someone would always be on the losing side. Then you’ll wonder if that guy isn’t as good enough as the the other one is and I think love shouldn’t be that way. There shouldn’t be a winner nor a loser becuase  love is not a competition.

4. The Backup Dude

Ever read a book where the chosen guy dies (or maybe he went missing or he was turned into a dark lord) and you feel a bit okay about it because hey! there’s another dude who loves our heroine and guess what? our heroine also has feelings for him omg isn’t it so fucking amazing?!

Wait, let me roll my eyes.

Whoever wants to be the second choice?! The guy would always be  the one who has the girl simply because guy #1 went AWOL and I think no one wants to be remembered that way.

5. The sudden change of character.

I remember one time, I was reading this really good book and it has a love triangle and I was rooting for the bad and naughty guy (figures) but the author has this another idea.

She gave the girl to the other dude and I would have surrendered quietly if not for the fact that she had to change my guy’s charcacter into something that he is not in order to have a good reason why she gave the girl to the other dude.

Let me tell you something, if you want a love triangle to your book, fine. It’s your book. But do you have make the other character into a horrible person?

I stopped reading books with LT some time ago but the trauma is still here on my head. I know  that there are some exceptions to that but for now, I’m against the LT MOVEMENT.

What are some of your thoughts about love triangles? Feel free to share your them. 🙂

Paige Bookdragon


7 thoughts on “Love Triangle: Because love is all about geometry.

  1. I love, love LOVE this post. So accurate! And the batman gif made me snort with laughter, brilliant. I think your last point is the most important one, I’ve had it happen quite a few times and it’s not cool and is so obvious. It’s almost like the story has gone in a natural direction with one guy, but the author has to find a way to swing her back round to the other guy because THAT WAS THE PLAN FROM THE START. Sometimes going with the flow is better. 🙂

    I’m going to repost this on my blog fb, this post for the win!

    Liked by 2 people

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