The dreaded Reader’s Slump: have you got the cure?


We all hate that shit, real or not real?

Fucking real.

You the know that feeling when you want to read or you want to read something (and you can’t pinpoint what that is) and the universe is like “no bitch, not today”?

That’s reader’s slump. Or if you want an Urban Dictionary meaning of the word:

a readers worst nightmare.
not being able to pick up a book and read because you just can’t, you just can’t read.
We readers suffered that certain illness (yes it’s an illness, we gotta take this seriously) and some of you may have a cure for that .
I asked my friend Yasmin on what’s cure if she has the RS and this is what she said:
I just take a break and wait until I actually want to read. Or, I pick up something that I REALLY want to read/I was really excited to read.
○ It’s good to take a break after a read-athon  or binge-reading. Rest your mind a little. Maybe your brain has some information overload and that’s why you can’t concentrate.
Take a break.Do some romantic walks in the beach.Watch a movie. Burn the house of your stupid ex.  Do something different.
○ We all have that book that we are all dying to read, ‘no? May it be your favorite author’s next book or the next installment in the series that you love or just some random find that sounds really good.
The point is, if you’re having a reading slump and you can’t read the books that are supposed to be your next read (if you guys make a list of what to read, that is),then I think it’s best to skip it and read something that you are really excited to read. Maybe the anticipation might shake off your slump vibe.
○ I also have a different approach when dealing reading slump. I read two to three books a day and because of that, I get the dreaded slump once every month.
Every time that happens, I just find a book in a different genre. If the last book that I read is a historical romance novel,I usually go read a Fantasy book or a Thriller. It can usually give me a good vibe that is different from the last one that I have.
○ My other option is to either do a reread with my favorite books.  I always read the ones that are funny and light-hearted. No point in reading something depressing,folks.
○ My last cure is to read something by a trusted author. I have a buncg of wonderful authors whose books I usually reserve for my reading slump. There’s always something beautiful in reading something that is sure that can make you happy or make you enjoy what is reading. They usually are Brandon Sanderson, Linda Howard,  Thea Harrison and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
Take note that these tips are not for everyone.What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Let’s not forget that we are one against the Slump Virus. Let us not be divided and we should go forth and unite.
P.S: What are your cures in dealing the RS?  Feel free to share them.

Paige Bookdragon


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