Duly quoted: Weekly Book Quote

I decided to have a weekly post of my favorite quotes taken from the books that I’ve read or will read.

I’m a quote hoarder and I always take note of the emo-feels  or the Oh-my-God-this-hit-me-so-hard quotes that the characters/authors say in the book. My goal to this shit ass post is to promote the books that really hooked me and to let you know how it affect me as a person.

So sit back fellow nerds and I hope you enjoy this weekly post.



…that’s what makes the betrayal hurt so much – pain, frustration, anger… and I still loved her. I still do.”

Side note:  The Mistborn series is a favorite of mine. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s written by the majestic Brandon Sanderson. Just between you and me,he’s a god.

This quote really hit me so hard when I read it. Kelsier was referring to his dead wife in this quote. The thing is, his wife died knowing that Kelsier believed that she betrayed him.Despite the possibility (which is high) that she indeed betrayed him, Kelsier still loved her.

I remember a quote once that said: The thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.

That’s what makes betrayal so damn hard. It comes from the people you least expect to.You know,there will come a time when people who really matters to us will do something that will hurt us. That’s a fact,not pessimism.  And the hardest thing when that happens? We still love them.

Sometimes, love can’t be easily killed by betrayal.


P.S: Oh gods. I started this thing with a somber post. *groans* I’ll do something encouraging next time.

Paige Bookdragon

10 thoughts on “Duly quoted: Weekly Book Quote

    • Oh my gosh,you should read his books!!! I’m not sure if I should recommend Steelheart or Mistborn first.. Steelheart would be better if you want a lighter fantasy.. Mistborn would be better if you prefer to read hardcore,badass and this-hit-me-so-hard type of book 🙂 Or you can try his Legion if you want a short story that is pure mindfuckery 🙂


  1. I LOVE MISTBORN! I LOVE THAT QUOTE! I LOVE KELSIER! I LOVE BRANDON SANDERSON! Okay, sorry had a mild fangirl freakout moment right then… But that’s an amazing quote 😀 I’m in the middle of Way of Kings, so I’m in a total Sanderson kick right now.

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