Reader’s Problem#2


This actually reminds me of Rick Riordan’s The Heroes of Olympus series. There are a lot of main characters on that one and for every book, there’s like 3-4 POVs and I tell you mate, nothing is more terrible than hanging on every word by a certain character that you like and when you flip the page, there’s a new chapter with a another character that you couldn’t care less.


What other book reminds causes you this problem? I want to hear what you think. 🙂



19 thoughts on “Reader’s Problem#2

  1. That is so relatable I…

    Haha I felt the exact same way about the Heroes of Olympus

    Percy – *flails arms*
    Annabeth – *cheers*
    Leo – *mildly flails arms/cheers*
    Frank, Hazel, Jason, and Piper – *rollsss eyess*

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      • The LOTR’s is good, but JRR Tolkien is one of those authors who overexplains EVERYTHING, making the book difficult to read. He also uses words that no one knows XD

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      • lol, I feel the same way. I’ve only read the first chapter of the Hobbit andI’m already confused as fuck.. I think I find him the same with Stephen King. King has this tendency to explain everything in his IT. Maybe that’s why the book is 1000+ pages., *shudders*


  2. I can’t think of a book right now, but I watched The 100 season 3 premiere the other day and I didn’t really care about the whole City of Light narrative, it’s unnecessary and cuts time from more important characters, if you ask me.

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    • Oh dang. That’s horrible to read. i hat it when writers do that. You want to knowmore about the characters but the author is telling you about how the place looks great, how strong the wind is blowing and how handsomea guy is… blegh.


  3. Hahaha this is so true. Luckily I haven’t come across a multi pov novel this year where I didn’t like a character’s story. 😛

    I liked the characters in HoO well enough, but some of the characters (sorry, piper) did have boring chapters ahahaha.

    Also, have you read of The Way of Kings? That book had several boring (different pov) chapters that I literally skimmed. Oops. 😀

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