Sticky Stuff – Hardcovers of Paperbacks?

Hey everyone! It’s Yasmin. Paige and I haven’t done a discussion post in quite a while, so I made “Sticky Stuff”, a feature for discussing bookish things. (Credit to Clockworkitten on YouTube for the name <3) This post’s topic is: hardcovers or paperbacks?

Pros of hardcovers:

– they last longer
– they look nicer (in my opinion)
– usually the first edition in which a book is released in

Cons of hardcovers:

– more expensive
– heavy


Pros of paperbacks:

much cheaper
– light and easy to carry around

Cons of paperbacks:

– spine can break (*internally cringes so hard*)
– more prone to damage/doesn’t last as long
– released usually up to a year after the book is published


Personally, I prefer buying paperbacks. I have most of my favorite series in hardcover, like Harry Potter, so they’ll last a long time. But when it comes to just taking a trip to Barnes and Nobles, I’d rather just get more books, even if the quality of those books is lower.

I think a huge contributing factor to my opinion, though, is that I’m still in school and I’m not exactly taking baths in money (i wish though).


What edition do you prefer: hardcovers or softcovers, and why? 😀


13 thoughts on “Sticky Stuff – Hardcovers of Paperbacks?

  1. Paperbacks all the way for me. I’m pretty gentle with my books for the most part, and even if a few do eventually get too damaged I can replace them and still have spent less than I would have on one hardcover edition.


  2. I like hard cover better, and I usually buy my favorites in hardcover buy I do tend to buy paperbacks for books that Im not sure I will like so I don’t waste money 🙂 Also, Yasmin, are you on iMessage anymore, because I miss talking to you 😦


    • This is gonna sound stupid but I can’t find my iPad charger so I currently can’t use iMessage… Xd I need to get a new one soon it’s just that I never really use my iPad anymore haha


  3. Paperbacks for me, for the exact reasons you listed. Haha. 🙂 The new design for your blog looks gorgeous, Yasmin! ❤


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