TAG: 30 Disney Questions

Well, this is Disney we are talking about. The foundation of our youth and fantasies. Kelly of Stelar Scrutiny did this tag and I can’t help but do the tag too. You can click the link and check out her answers 🙂

1) Favorite Character?

Merida of Brave. She doesn’t need a man to save the day ♥ (She’s created by Pixar and released by Disney, so she still counts)

2) Favorite Princess?

 Rapunzel. She’s loony.

3) Favorite Heroine?

Mulan. Because.

4) Favorite Prince? 

*shouts at the people at the back* Can I use Flynn Rider even though he’s not officially a prince?What was that?Yes? Okay!

5) Favorite Hero? 

*shouts at the people at the back again* Can I use Flynn aga- WHAT?No? Oh..

Aladdin then. At least he does something..

6) Favorite Animal? 

Pascal of Tangled. Like look at that face, man.

7) Favorite Sidekick? 

Same with Kelly’s answer.. Genie of Aladdin.. ♥

8) Favorite Villain

Hades!Because he’s like the sassy gay friend! ♥

9) Favorite Original Character (Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, etc)?

Micky?I haven’t watched Micky Mouse movies yet..

10) Favorite Love Song?

When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2… *cue heartbreaks and tears*

11) Favorite Song?


1.“Once Upon a Dream” – Sleeping Beauty

2.“Love Will Find A Way” – The Lion King 2

3 . “Colours of the wind”- Pocahontas 

12) Favorite Villain Song?

“Mother Knows Best,” Tangled 

13) Least Favorite Song?

Let it Go from Frozen. I find it overrated..sorry.Just let it go guys.

14) Favorite Kiss?

Beauty and the Beast ♥

15) The First Movie You Saw?

It’s either Cinderella or Snow White. I forgot which one..It’s been years man!

16) Favorite Classic?

Sleeping Beauty. 

17) Song that always gets stuck in your head?

Colors of the Wind..

18) Favorite Pixar Film?

Wall-e. I feel like this movie doesn’t get the praise that it deserves. I just saw the movie once but it stayed with me until now. I love the question that this movie has.. “How far will you go for a friend?”

19) Least Favorite Pixar Film?

Cars?I’m not really into it..Or Planes..

20) Favorite Sequel?

I can never unsee nor forget the things that I saw on this film. Brilliant. ♥


21) Overrated Movie?


22) Underrated Movie?

Other than Wall-e? Rio. It talks about a serious issue of exotic birds being hunted to extinction and  few people that I know knows about the movie..

23) Movie That Makes You Laugh?

The Emperor’s New Groove 🙂

24) Movie That Makes You Cry?

Same with Kelly! Big Hero 6

25) The Saddest Scene From Your Favorite Movie?

That scene in Brave when Merida’s father is about to shoot the giant bear (which was actually her mother) and when Merida cried because she thought the curse didn’t break and her mother is still a “bear”..*sniffles sniffles*

26) Saddest Death?

Same with Kelly. Tadashi of Big Hero 6

27) Favorite Quote?

Just kidding. Here it is:

28) Favorite Theme Park?

I haven’t been to any Theme Park, so pass.

29) Favorite Theme Attraction?

I said pass. lol

30) Favorite Theme Park Show?

Stahp it.


Whew!That took awhile to finish! This tag has been so much fun and  I tag anyone who can see this ♥ Enjoy loonies!



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