Discussion: Romance (what really doesn’t work with me)

Ah, love. The only thing that has billions of songs, books and movies in its name. I like a good romance (who doesn’t?) and I love it even more when a love story really works with me. While I may read some shocking love stories (well, shocking to the non-reader), there are some types of romance that doesn’t really work with me.

Side note: The writer does not intend to kinkshame anyone  whose tastes in books runs in “murkier” waters. 

  1.  Some of my friends do love reading books like this but I can’t really see the appeal. I always thought of Jaime and Cersei in the G.O.T every time I see a stepbrother romance book.

Them:  But they’re not related by blood..







Them: Their parents just married each other…


Sorry not sorry. Not my kind of tea.

2. This is really weird because I do read M/M romance. No matter how much  I tried to read books with F/F pairings, I always tend to DNF it.

A friend once told me that it’s just normal because my sexual preferences tends to go to men (that’s why seeing M/M pairing is okay for me and why a girl to girl action has always been preferred by straight males).

3.   Student falling in love with a teacher? I always get the feeling of pedophilia or abuse of authority whenever I saw books with stories like this.

Them: But it’s true love..


Them: But the teacher is hot..













4. The fuck. This is self explanatory. I don’t understand why some people love books where the hero (being politically correct, I know that both gender has the capability to abuse, but for the sake of trying to preserve my sanity by avoiding to type “his/her” all the time, let’s just use the pronoun “he”) hurts the heroine because of the ff reasons I usually hear or read.

Them: But he has issues, that’s why he/she’s having a difficult time expressing his/her love for the other character.

Me: Bitch, I’ve got issues too and you don’t see me slapping  the people that I love. Other people also got issues, but they don’t go throwing their loved ones into a wall or

I also wonder why adults find it cute when a little boy punches or pinches a girl and claim that “oh look, he likes her”.

5. Unless this is a mystery/thriller book, then stalking is a no-no for me.

Them: The hero just wants to know if the heroine is safe.


Them: He’s just shy..


Really guys. Stalking is only cute and approved if you’re stalking pictures of cats in tumblr.

Like this:

What type of romance do you really like and don’t like?Feel free to share them! ♥




31 thoughts on “Discussion: Romance (what really doesn’t work with me)

  1. Oh my God, Paige I laughed my way through reading this entire post! It was hilarious, I loved it! I also agree with you, I don’t really enjoy any of these types of romance either. The one time I remotely did was with reading “You” where the main character was a stalker, even then I didn’t enjoy the romance itself. Just the story. Great post though! 🙂

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  2. As soon as I saw stepbrother romance I was like “ewwwww” I have like 6 or 7 of them, I lost count, and that’s just nasty. I also agree with your friend about not liking f/f but liking m/m. I also like m/m because I like men so two hot guys together is like yes! but I couldn’t care less about two girls together. Also, this is mostly only in manga, I’m not sure I like just reading about it. I agree with the rest as well, but I stay away from romance in general. I don’t really enjoy reading it, not even the happy awesome kind.


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