Reader’s Problem #3: Waiting for the sequel…

Actually, that sums up this reader’s problem post but let me elaborate. I think most of us has experienced that horrible moment when you realized that that awesome book that you have just finished has ended in a cliffhanger and you have to wait a whole freakin year for the sequel.


Here are the 2 biggest reasons why this is a serious problem.

1. After you finish the book and let’s say it ended in a cliffhanger, the waiting is agony and most probably you’ll have  big expectations and when that sequel has been released, there’s that possibility that you’ll be disappointed.

2.  Most likely, because of the long wait, you’ll forget some things that happened in the previous book and you’re like “dafuq is this character or da hell is happening?”
 when reading the sequel. Unless you’ll take time to reread the previous book, you’ll definitely forget some things.

But really, this is something that can’t be blamed with the author or with the publisher. A friend once said that a good book should not be rushed, thus we have to wait. And quite honestly, authors have other things to focus other than writing a book  even though I hoped someone will kidnap my favorite author and force them to write nonstop. This is just one of those problems that doesn’t have a solution unless you own a time machine or a device that can fast forward time.

Speaking of not fair…


George, you’ve gone too far…

What are the books/series that gave you this problem? Feel free to share them ♥


27 thoughts on “Reader’s Problem #3: Waiting for the sequel…

  1. Number 2 is too true.
    My best experience with book series are with ones that have already been finished.

    My current favorite Fantasy Series is The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. They are HUGE books, 1000+ pages each, so I know I will be forgetting a lot when a new book is released. I’m toying with the idea of rereading the books every time a new one is released, but that may be too much work 😡

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  2. This post is brilliant! I am currently waiting for book five in the Throne of Glass series and ITS KILLING ME. I’m lucky that it didn’t really end in a cliffhanger but SERIOUSLY: I NEED THE NEXT BOOK. I was so content, picking up this book and being able to binge-read the series, but I’ve reached the point where I can’t anymore 😦

    I get the same problem for TV shows too! When we have to wait that long time for episodes to release – and when they do its only weekly :O This happened with Supernatural for me – it was on its tenth season when I started watching it and then BOOM I had to wait for the next season. After being able to watch when I wanted for so long, it was absolute TORTURE.

    Its especially bad though, when the release date of books get pushed back and I have to wait LONGER – When I think the day has come and then NOOOOO.



  3. I saw the pic of GRRM on the WP Reader and I was like “I knew what Paige is up to….even before I read it,” and just have to join in the conversation. XD Absolutely agree with you, all readers have a mutual love/hate relationship w/ authors. Man….ASOIAF (aka GoT) and Mistborn. 😱

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