Discussion: Book Reviews

Reviews are for readers.

That’s what a blogger (I forgot the name) once said and I agree. Reviews are for readers because it helps them decide if they want to read/buy the book or not.
And speaking of reviews, I just want to clarify that there’s no such thing as a wrong review or a bad review. There’s only the wrong type of review readers. So here’s my two-cents about book reviews.
A facebook friend (who is a local author and a big fan or romance novels) once posted that if a reader doesn’t have anything nice to say about the book, then why say it at all?
Thank you someecards for perfectly saying what I mean to say.
I have to disagree with what she said on this matter. If we’re not talking about books, then I might say yes with what she is saying. But this is about books and books are products that needs to a customer feedback.
I can’t speak for everyone else, but I do prefer being friends or follow book reviewers who has some rant reviews or 1-3 stars reviews for a book. I’m not usually fond of reviewers who rates every book that they read a glowing 4 star or shining bright like a diamond 5 star. Like, fuck? How lucky are you, to never read a book that disgusts you or makes you angry or disappoint?
Maybe that’s not exactly what they are doing. Maybe they just don’t do a review or rate the books that they don’t like, but I still am not comfortable fangirling with those persons because how do I know that we have the same tastes or views in a book, if all that I know is “the positive side” that you are showing? I don’t make friends half way.
Β I’m okay with knowing that you don’t like a book that I like or you love a book that I hate, as long as you gave your reasons in your review.
I respect their review because it’s their own and some people like it. It’s their cup of tea and shot of whiskey, so who am I to say that they’re doing it wrong? But it’s difficult for me to trust the books that they recommend because one book is soo bloody awesome and the other one is so damn brilliant. Everything is good!Everything is wonderful! Unicorn poop for everyone!!
Maybe it’s just me being bitchy and my tastes runs in bitchier side, but I like people who does not hesitate to tell what they like and they don’t like.
But then again, it’s your review and it’s your business. Don’t mind the bitch over here. πŸ™‚
What are your thoughts about positive reviews and negative reviews? Feel free to share.


25 thoughts on “Discussion: Book Reviews

  1. I’m the same about people who rate everything a high star rating. I mean, I do tend to give books around 4 star ratings a lot, but that’s because when it comes to choosing books, I’m quite good at judging what I’ll enjoy. But I definitely don’t hold back if I don’t like a book. I’ll still write the review. Don’t have anything good to say, so don’t say anything? Well then I’ll not be a proper reviewer, will I? I mean, tomorrow I’ll be writing up a review for a book I didn’t really like all that much…doesn’t mean I’ll avoid talking about it. But I think there’s definitely ways to write a negative review. Like I’ll be politely explaining my reasons, not just raging about it. It does annoy me a lot when people review a book they don’t like by being just downright rude.

    Wow that was one hell of a rant haha! Great topic πŸ˜€

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  2. You’re not at all being bitchy! If you’re reviewing a book then you have to give your honest opinion. Everyone isn’t going to like the same book, I would trust reviews less if no one said anything bad about them because its totally unrealistic

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  3. This post is BRILLIANTLY PERFECT. Reviewers that love every single book make me a bit suspicious… GREAT books all the time? Where do you sign up πŸ˜› Negative reviews are great, not only are they sometimes great fun to read but they also include criticism that help you identify whether the book is worth the effort.

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  4. I think negative reviews are important because they provide another perspective on a book (which is even better when the book is surrounded by a lot of hype) and, while I understand that it may hurt some feelings, legitimate criticism is important for the author to take into account.

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  5. I’m with you. People who obly rate books 5 stars don’t deserve my trust, haha. It’s like you said, how am I going to really know their book taste if they rate everything high?! Also, yes to giving negative as well as positive feedback. Books are a product and they’re sold. How are people going to know if they’re “worth” reading? And how will the author grow if they don’t know their mistakes? Great discussion.

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    • True. I feel horrible for saying this but I feel like they rate books that way to gain favor to authors and publishers. I noticed that people who do this has a lot of ARC books or free books from the author. I can;t blame the authors tho.. I mean, if there’s an assurance that my book would get a high rating or good review from someone, then I’ll send it to them. It also wouldn’t hurt to know that if they didn’t like it, it wouldn’t affect my book “ratings” because they wouldn’t post it in social media πŸ™‚


  6. Yep, yep, yep, completely agree! I can’t stand it when people rate everything single book 5 stars, and the occasional *shivers* 4 stars. Oh, the horror! If a book was great, I’ll give it a high rating, if it sucked, well…prepare for my rant! XD

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