TAG:The Skyrim Book Tag


Thank you  Ariana ” the quirky book nerd” for tagging us with this one. I don’t play Skyrim because I’m a loser. I only play Clash of Clans, sorry.

Anyway, let’s begin this unique tag. ♥

Fus Ro Dah – A book that blew you away.

Your head should be covered with condom while reading this because it’ll blow your mind. Brandon Sanderson is a master when it comes to screwing the minds of his readers.

Dovahkiin – Favorite “chosen one” story.


This is the only series with the “Chosen One” cliche that I love. The rest are shitty as fuck.

Thu’um – A book that got a verbal reaction out of you (good or bad).

Good– I love this book. I cursed and ranted and fangirled for almost two weeks after reading this. There’s something about this book that fucks your mind and it hooks you until you moved on..


Bad– Fuck this book. Racist, misogynistic and downright insulting.

Arrow to the Knee – A book or series that started out well but ended up being disappointing.

I also thought of Red Queen like Ariana, but this one really took the number one place for this item. It was really promising but it fell flat after the romance was introduced. Like bitch, focus on your task! Priorities, girl!Don’t be swayed by sweet words and hot bodies!

Shadowmere – Favorite literary/fictional animal or pet.


So you might not be familiar with this book. It was a random find for me and I loved this one despite being a difficult book to read. The most badass goat in literature can be found in this book. Don’t mess with the goat. It kicks ass.


Review in GR.

Alduin – Most frightening literary/fictional animal.


Well, not exactly like that, but rats are pretty horrible in this book.

Companions Guild – Best literary friendship.

Like really. Such selfless love between Jem and Will. The bromance and respect for each other is one of my favorite parts in TID.

Dark Brotherhood – The darkest story you’ve ever read.


‘Yes, my dear child, monsters are real. I happen to have one hanging in my basement.’

This. This is my favorite book (series) and it’s really dark, despite being a YA book. Monsters, not just the fairytale kind but also monsters inside us humans are told in this book. A story about a doctor who studies monsters and his young assistant, this book asks the readers a question: when will they become the very thing that they hunt?

Thieves Guild – Favorite morally ambiguous character.

Kelsier of Mistborn. I love the way his character is something that borderlines between good and not so good. He’s a thief and his morals are really questionable.


Wuld Nah Kest (whirlwind sprint) – Your fastest read.


An easy peasy read ♥

Tiid Klo Ul (slow time) – Your slowest read.


So slow, to the point that I haven’t even moved from page 1.

Tamriel – Favorite fictional world.

Bonus Question:

“Sworn to Carry Your Burdens” – The heaviest book you own.

The complete works of Sherlock Holmes ♥

I tag everyone because for some reason, I can’t open my friends’ blogs.

Go ahead and try this tag if you want. It’s quite fun ♥







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