A book you’re scared to read….

Have you ever been afraid of reading a particular book? Not necessarily scary/ horror books but any books in every genre?

I did some research (because everything needs scientific evidence nowadays) and I found out why some people (mainly me) is scared of reading some book. Here are the main two reasons why some books scares the bejeesus out of us.

1.The hype.

The bloody hype. Like all of your friends, your neighbors, your neighbor’s cat and your arch nemesis has read the book and they all love it and you’re just standing there, too scared to “not read the book” and at the same time, also too scared to read it.

Because what if you don’t like it? What if you found it lacking and your friends, your neighbors, your neighbor’s cat and your arch nemesis looks at you with laser eyes because how dare you not love the book?!

2. The blurb is too much to handle.

Seriously. Ever discovered a book with an-oh-so-orgasmic blurb  and now you’re too scared to read it because the blurb alone is making your knees turn into jellies? *cough Immaculate cough*

I’d like to congratulate whoever made the blurb because it’s too good. Fuck you or whatever.

Some books are just too much to handle, you know. Maybe I’ll overcome my irrational fear with those types of books, maybe not. But the point is, I get to rant this and now I have an excuse if I can’t read Me Before You before the movie shows. If anyone will ask why, I now have my reasons.



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