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Oil Tycoon.





Out of the 67 (English) romance novels that I own,  58 has rich heroes and when I checked my Goodreads, I have found that 65% of my romance books has richer than Croesus male leads. Let’s not include the Tagalog Romance Novels because all of them has rich heroes.

Let’s back up a little bit. So I know that romance is all about fantasy and shit for women. Someone once said that they read romance novels because they love reading books that has happy endings and let me translate what that person said:

“You can only have a happy ending if your partner is rich.”

That is not true guys.

Look, I know that most women love a rich hero because of the mentality that a rich man (hero) can provide better than the average person.

True. A rich hero can provide the heroine a sparkling necklace, a penthouse and an expensive blue persian cat all in one day than the hero who has an average job. A rich hero can also give the heroine a random trip across the world whenever he wants to surprise her.

She’s mad at you because you forgot something?No worries!Your man can take you to Disneyland in no time!

She wants to see her family who she haven’t seen for 10 years because it’s across the country?No problem. Bae has a jet you can use.

I get it okay. We all want a prince charming who can give us (ladies) material things. Don’t deny that,it’s the truth. It doesn’t sound nice to hear, but hundreds of thousands of romance books with filthy rich heroes proved that point.And really, he’s not a prince charming if he’s not rich  enough or has an army and golds at his disposal .

But really. It’s getting annoying. All this rich heroes crap is getting on my nerves sometimes. You can have a happily ever after even if your hero is not a CEO or a tycoon.

I love it when heroes are everyday people that you can actually talk and meet in the streets. The policeman next door, the barista in that beach bar, the teacher in the local university, the cowboy on that ranch? They are real too and they can also give you the kind of HEA that you deserve.

Stop putting that idea in a person’s head that a rich hombre can give you a better love story than other men. Rich men are a good factor in a romance novel, but honestly, how often do you talk with a man who owns 3 Lambo and a jet over a cup of coffee?

1 in a hundred thousand.

Rich men exists. True  

Men who earns average income exists. True 

Rich men can give you HEA. True  

Men with average income can ALSO give you HEA. True  

Just stop with the rich-hero-better-love story bullshit okay?


It’s getting on my nerves.




14 thoughts on “Discussion:Rich Heroes

  1. Interesting topic! 🙂 I’ve yet to read Tagalog novels but in a lot of telenovelas that I watched with my lola when I was a kid, almost always the guy is from money.

    Hell, even Peeta Mellark is a “rich” kid. XD

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