YA series I will not finish

I saw this post by Kiwi of KiwiReads and I’m like “hell yeah, I’m gonna do this post.” Out of the 905 books that I have read ( I deserve to have the bragging rights), you bet my cat’s ass that I’ll take any chance to bitch about the YA books that didn’t work with me,

Here are the YA series that I will not continue reading:

1.  Beau Rivage series

Naaah. So many idiots in this one. Stalker hero and insta-love is in my shit list so it’s kinda obvious that after the disastrous book 1, I wouldn’t be reading the rest of the series.

2.Red Queen series

Some people like this but I really can’t stand the main heroine. I hate the way she became a wimpy fuck the moment she met those 2 princes. If this has been a story of pure rebellion without the epic fail romance, then this would have been a favorite.

3.Glass series

I love Snyder because she wrote Poison Study series where I have my Valek. But I have to admit, I hated this Glass series of hers. I actually read book 1 and 2 but when I found out that the heroine choose the wrong guy in the last book, I have to abandon ship immediately. I don’t understand why the guy who kidnapped, drugged and pretended to be her boyfriend then almost raped her is the the guy she choose in the end.

4. Daughter of Smoke and Bone series

Meh. Too mainstream for me. And the romance made me gag. The only reason why I bought the 1st book is because 1) it was in a sale and 2) the cover is pretty.

5. The Selection series


I just don’t. No plot. Bullshit romance. And the characters makes me want to stab people.

6. Hush Hush series

Remember that time when every YA author wrote about angels, romance and angst? I do. And it was a horrible time in the literary world. So many stereotypes,cliches and stories with same formula.  Normal looking girl who doesn’t know she’s pretty + a mysterious new boy that everyone wants to bang+ a mystery+ a romance of a life time blah blah blah.

7. The Goddess Test series

A case of “not you-it’s me”.

I find this extremely boring which is funny because mythology is never boring. And did you know that Hades just became annoying in this retelling?! Like how dare you portray my favorite god that way!

8.Lux series

As much as I love the cover model, this is also one of those stories that has an over used plot.Girl is new+ boy is popular and hot+ boy has a secret thing..you know how it ends. I’ve read the first book and I won’t be picking up the rest.


9.Fins series

Although I love the first book, I decided not to pick the rest of the books in the series anymore. This is one of those books that you wished that it’s a standalone.

10. Between series

First few chapters in the 1st book and my bullshit radar is tingling.

And that’s it. Those are the YA series that I wouldn’t be finishing. I would have put 11 series but I can’t find the list that I made. 😛 How about you? What are the YA series that you will not finish?






34 thoughts on “YA series I will not finish

  1. Ohh I’m not finishing the Fins, the Glass, the Goddess Test, or the Selection series either. I completely agree with your take on Ahdes being boring in the Goddess Test series, as a greek person I felt personally offended by how he behaves in the first two books (that’s as far as I got)!

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  2. Ah I loved Poison Study too- and although the series did go downhill for me, I did keep reading because I just *loved* Valek so much. At this point I’ve read a ton of Snyder books and none of them have recaptured the magic of Poison Study for me- I’ve finally given up :/ haha I hated the Selection and Hush Hush too- for some reason I read *all* of those books though! All I can think about that is WHYYYY DID I DO THAT TO MYSELF??? Hilarious post!

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  3. Ugh, I’m reading Glass Sword at the moment, and am struggling so hard to get through it! I’ve barely read the first 1/3 of the book, and the MC is annoying the hell out of me. I thought she was bad in the first book, but oh boy, I’m just wishing for her untimely death to arrive.

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  4. I haven’t read most of these–a bunch of them are ones I decided to skip because I figured I wouldn’t like them. 😛 I agree with Red Queen and Daughter of Smoke and Bone, though. Those are also series I started but don’t plan to finish. In both cases, I thought the premises sounded cool and I read so many glowing reviews … and unfortunately they just were not my thing. 😛

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  5. I had a hard time getting through Daughter of Smoke and Bone, too much romance for my taste. It was well written, but meh! Also, how can anyone make Hades annoying?! That’s just bad, like, really bad. I’m saving the Obsidian series for those moments when I feel like reading something cheesy and predictable.
    I think the only series I wont finish at the moment is Divergent. I couldn’t even finish the first book. :/

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  6. I love Maria V. Snyder’s works too! Though to say the truth, the Glass series is quite a downhill for Chronicles of Ixia too. I think because Yelena’s personality is too strong in the Study series, so it somewhat overlaps Opal’s. But well, I feel content enough with the series….
    The Goddess Test and Hush Hush XD You totally expressed my thoughts on those two!

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  7. My friend is reading the Red Queen series, but she’s still on book one. I dunno how she’ll react to the romance. As far as I know she’s not much into it. Neither am I, and surprisingly, I haven’t read any of the series here, so thanks for the warning, Paige!

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