Discussion: Br♥mance

I dont know or care anything about this show, but I feel like this is an appropriate representation of our relationship.:


Okay that was cute. Back to the topic at hand, let’s talk about “bromance”. According to the Urban Dictionary..

First of all, let’s not confuse “bromance” to homosexual love. Homosexual love is between two homosexuals (obviously) while “bromance” is a slang for a close platonic relationship between two straight males. As a reader, I have to admit that although bromance is not rare in books, it is also not that popular. We do get a lot of close relationships between girls (best friends forever) and the usual but sometimes overrated shipping of a hero and a heroine.

I have one good reason why I love bromance.

–It’s rare to see two straight males who (even though sometimes it’s not really vocally done) loves and respects each other. TRUE BEAUTY RIGHT THERE!

Girls are affectionate by nature compared to male so to see straight males who are loyal and  are so darn loving to each other is too good not to be appreciated.


Here are my favorite bromance pair in books and shows:

1.Percy Jackson and Jason Grace of Heroes of Olympus

–Yeah, they might be rivals sometimes, but when they are together, they are awesome. And they both respect the hell out of each other.

2. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley of HP series

–Like for real.

3. Chaol and Dorian of Throne of Glass series

–They might have fought for Celaena’s feelings at first, but you can’t deny the loyalty they have for each other. I cried when Chaol won’t leave Dorian because of their friendship.

4. Wax and Wayne of Mistborn

They have the best bromance ever. Wax is the one who is more serious while Wayne is… Wayne.

4. Jem and Will (Infernal Device)

-I cryyyy. My heart is breaking.

5. Rhy and Kell of  A Darker Shade of Magic series 

You don’t need me to explain. This two may not be real brothers buy the loyalty is too much for my small heart to handle.

6. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson (Sherlock)

I’ve been Sherlocked ever since Sherlock called someone an idiot and John is too cute.

7. Tyrion and Bronn (GOT)

Just let me have these two.

8. Frodo and Sam (Lord of the Rings)

To be with a friend in an “end of the world journey” , that level of friendship needs to be appreciated.

9. Dean and Castiel (Supernatural)

Like hell. This two are awesome.

10. Scott and Stiles (Teenwolf)

Look at me and tell me that’s not bromance, I dare you.


Okay, so these are my bromance shipment and I do love to hear what you think of the bromance thing and who are your favorite bromance characters. ♥


21 thoughts on “Discussion: Br♥mance

  1. i actually noticed that there are much more bromances and true friendship between boys in books than between girls. Yeah, a lot of girls have the whole BFF things, but it’s too easily broken in books, and there’s always too much girl drama unfortunately. I did a list of both recently, and I couldn’t even find 10 strong female friendships. =/

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  2. OMG Jem and Will, I actually tear up a little bit just thinking about those two. By far my favourite bromance! ❤ Although I have a lot of love for JD and Turk too! And that Dorian/Chaol scene made my cry too. Why do so many bromances make me cry?! haha.

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  3. Oh boy!! I agree with so much of your choices!!! 😁 and for some reason, I really like bromance in books. A lot of authors do it very well, but not so much between two female characters. I haven’t read a book that has a good female friendship. I have seen a boy and a girl, then the bromance, but never a two female friendship. Great choices!!!

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