Reader’s Problem:Trolls in the dungeon

Look, I’m an ass.  I don’t deny that fact. In fact, I try to tell my would-be friends in GR that I’m a horrible person and I bitch about certain things sometimes.

I gave low rating reviews, I usually have a snark reply to trolls and I’m very very bitchy if I get disappointed with a book.

I’m sharing this because I’m going to talk about review trolls for today’s post.

I’m not sure if everyone experienced being trolled in social media, but if you haven’t yet and want’s to know what/who a troll is, here’s a definition:

One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument
To sum it up, a troll is that jerk you can see on the social media.
So let’s talk about the usual troll that a reader/book reviewer always see.
There’s that kind of troll that tells you that your review is shit because “how dare you rate this book a one star” or “how fucking dare you to DNF this book, you uncultured swine”.
We all hate that troll.
FYI people, if you’re gonna tell someone that they’re doing their review wrong because it disagrees with your review of a book, then kindly poke your eyes with your fingers. That’s a no-no. BIG FUCKING NO-NO.
Every book is read differently by each person and you don’t get the right to tell them that they’re a stupid bitch when they dnf-ed the book. What works for you might not work for that person.
So the point is, when someone gives a low rating review to a book, most of the time, they tend to get bitchy. That usually catches the attention of a troll because based on experience, trolls don’t troll a rating without a review. Trolls feed on negative reviews.
Don’t be a troll. Don’t go on people’s review telling them that they’re wrong about it. There’s no such thing as a wrong opinion only an asshole one. People who rates 1-2 star on a book doesn’t go to people who rates it 4-5 star telling them they are wrong.
Don’t be a dick. Put your bitchiness into place.
How about you? Have you ever been trolled?

12 thoughts on “Reader’s Problem:Trolls in the dungeon

  1. CAN WE GET A BIG YES TO THIS POST. I personally haven’t been trolled but OMG when it happens I want to punch somebody in the face with a giant rock because NO, that is simply not to be. It really does piss me off so I give you a thank you and a thousand virtual awesomes for just perfectly writing this post perfectly. YUP I used perfectly twice because thats how great your post is. GET OUTTA HERE TROLLS.

    Liked by 1 person

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