Discussion: I just want some friendship between a girl and a boy in YA


Answer: Apparently, yes.

After reading and being disappointed with A Study in Charlotte, I finally realized YA authors has a penchant of pairing up main characters of opposite sex.

Look, I’m okay with it. We get our ships and otps because of this romance thing but honestly, sometimes it’s getting out of hand.

Romance this, romance that. 9 out of 10 YA books has romance and finding  a book where the main characters didn’t fall in love but are best buddies is as rare as sighting a rainbow unicorn in the middle of Manhattan.

One good example that I’m talking about is A Study in Charlotte’s pairing. Charlotte is the descendant of Sherlock Holmes and James “Jamie” Watson’s ancestor is John Watson. You think that because Sherlock and John has a great platonic relationship, Charlotte and Jamie would also be BFFS?

At first the book looks promising because Jamie and Charlotte’s relationship is like BBC’s Sherlock (Benedict and Martin as Sherlock and John). I loved it and I thought the book would be a favorite despite Charlotte being annoying.

But nooo. Around 70% of the book, Jamie started liking Charlotte too much and they shared a kiss (it was a peck in the lips, but a kiss is a kiss). I was furious because I wnat them to be friends! I have enough romance and I just want friendship!

Another one is Sarah J Maas’ Aelin and Rowan….

Queen of Shadows // Throne Of Glass ~ Sarah J. Mass Aelin and Rowan I love these two:


Right.. So on the Heir of Fire, they were like the best comrades ever you know? In fact I love their friendship so much because it’s intimate and at the same time, simple. Just pure fucking friendship between two badass characters.

But here comes Queen of Shadows and boom! They fall in love with each other.

Why?! Why ruin a good friendship? Why can’t author realize that sometimes, friendship is the most beautiful thing in the world. Romance has the unwritten rule that you have to be intimate with someone because what’s the frigging point of loving someone if you can’t even trust them with your soul?

But friendship? You can choose whether to share a certain part of you to that person or not. And if you were able to share that without being forced by some rule that no has ever realized then that friendship is beautiful.

I want to read a YA book whether contemporary/ fantasy that has a girl and boy being friends and they ruled the world as badass idiots.

An here’s the thing. People don’t realize that a teenage girl and a teenage boy are capable of having a relationship that doesn’t include being naked.

Too much romance is annoying. Let’s have friendship goals right now.

27 thoughts on “Discussion: I just want some friendship between a girl and a boy in YA

  1. I totally agree. We need more male female friendships in books! It also annoys me that male/female best friends in books always seem to end in one of them falling for the other, secretly pining over them or both of them realizing they love each other. It’s like boys and girls can’t just be friends. They can and that should be represented more! 😀

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