Myself in 5 Characters

Vane tagged me with this one and it took me a few days to come up with an answer to this post. I never knew defining yourself with the book characters can be so damn hard, but in the end it was worth it.

Adventurous (Delilah Bard of ADSOM & AGOS)

I’ve always been the type of person who is not afraid to take a leap. Literally. Like Lilah, I  always want to see a bit more of the world and maybe that’s why I’m always on a road  trying to cliff dive, do the zip line and began mountain climbing. ♥

Book lover (Irene of The Invisible Library)

I mean, seriously.

THE DUFF ( Bianca of The DUFF)

I’m a duff. That’s the designated ugly fat friend. I have nothing more to add.

Bitchy and a bit evil (Meda of Soul Eater)

My friends say that Meda reminds them of me which supports my suspicion that I’m really bitchy and has the tendency to act “evilly” and has the God-given ability to be snarky.

No  rest for the wicked, baby.

Weirdo, dramatic and childish (Sherlock Holmes)

This is why I love Benedict’s portrayal of my favorite detective. I love drama and I sometimes create one and let’s be real. I am very petty and childish most of the time. I wish I got Sherlock’s genius mind, but alas, I got the weirdness and the inability to tolerate idiots.

This little post took me 3 days to finish so I’m sorry Vane if it took me long enough to do the tag. I want to tag some new friends/followers of our blog.  And if you were tagged with this, don’t feel pressured to do this. This is just for fun and I want to know you more ♥

Aj the ravenous reader

Evelyn Salim

Alina of Scriber Blog

Shealea the bookshelf bitch

Yasaman of followingmusesblog

Paige of Page by page

… and you if you want to do this!  ♥


20 thoughts on “Myself in 5 Characters

  1. HA! I can’t say I expected people to answer easily. XD Indeed, it was hard as hell to think of yourself as book characters. It took me two weeks to finally come up with all my answers. I almost decided not to do the post, lol, but it seems it went good. 😀 Love your answers!

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