Discussion: Books that are in my “fuck-no” shelf

Hurrah! I’m back! I was very busy the last few days (weeks?) that’s why I wasn’t able to post much here. To all those new friends/bloggers that I wasn’t able to interact with, hello! I’m Paige, one of the bloggers here in The Wild Readers. My buddy Yasmin is the founder of this craziness and we’re very very harmless and nice that’s why don’t hesitate to say hi. 🙂

So I have here a list of books that are in my “fuck-no” shelf. These are the books that have certain “issues” about  the author  that can’t be said in Goodreads because “rules”, you know.

Translation: The authors of the following books are douches and has been a jerk with some readers and reviewers because of the low-rating and rant reviews about their books.



Author is a Capt. Douche and attacks a book reviewer in  their home. The evidence.




The author wrote a book about the the reviewer who gave his/her book a one star review.




Another “stalker-alert”. Apparently, it is okay to stalk and harass a reviewer and call that reviewer under false pretenses because they gave your book a low rating review.

Evidence # 1

Detailed account by my friend.








The blurb alone is enough reason why I gave this a giant fuck you.


If you are an Independent author, or even a published author thinking about joining Goodreads, I hope you will take a look at my free booklet and closely examine your motives before giving Goodreads, and thus Amazon, a bunch of free information that they will then own and control. If you believe that Goodreads ‘Review’ system is fair, you need to read about troll review attacks that are also documented widely on the Internet. And let me warn you about a number of broken features on the website that may affect your sales. The main thing you must understand, though, is that you are on the bottom of the food chain at Goodreads. You are the income that keeps the server farm humming but you are entering into an adversarial relationship, not only with the pampered readers but the overworked staff that doesn’t even know their own rules when they punish you because there are so damned many rules and the documentation is broken, outdated chaos.

The booklet is short and free. It provides a lot of links to information on the Internet that you should know and links to the documentation at Goodreads. If nothing else, at least read the first page and heed the warnings in the links provided.


18333999 It took me awhile to remember what’s wrong with this one. It seems that the author made a bingo-whatever and posted it in Twitter. In the said bingo card, the author is mocking the reviewers in Goodreads.

Not a nice move.



I’m not sure if you have read some of the books that are in here or if you know some books that are not in here. My point in creating this blog post is to let reviewers and readers know some things that could happen to them. Not all authors are jerks, but not all authors are saints. If something similar happened to you, let us know. The community should stand together when it comes to this kind of  issue.


16 thoughts on “Discussion: Books that are in my “fuck-no” shelf

  1. Ooh I heard about a few of these, but not all of them! The book about the reviewer is just oh my god. It’s crazy that this kinda stuff happens. I actually get nervous sometimes when I talk about things I don’t like in reviews because I don’t want the author to get mad/offended.

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  2. It’s sad that authors attack readers. There should be mutual respect for the other: the author, who should always appreciate whenever someone reviews their work may it be a positive or a negative one; and the reader, who should also take caution and make sure their reviews are on the constructive criticism side and not bordering to hurling personal insults.

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  3. I didn’t about any of this, and I just read about Brittain attacking the girl and the Hale incident, and the reviewer who shared her experience on Deviant Art and man, it’s chilling and depressing and makes me so angry. No one, author or reviewer, should be made to feel afraid of their life.

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