T5W: Books I want to have a sequel


It’s Wednesday and book bloggers know what happens when it’s Wednesday. It’s time for Top 5 Wednesday! T5W is a weekly meme created by gingerreadslainey and you can follow them in their Goodreads group by clicking the link.

This week’s topic is :

Books You Wish Had Sequels
— Standalones that you wish had a sequel or the last book in the series that you wish wasn’t the last.

I do read a lot of standalones and I have loads of books that I wish the author would give a sequel to, but here’s the top 5 in my list.



1 . Tiger Lily : If you have read Tiger Lily, you know that the ending was superbly amazing and it was perfect. But let’s be real, no matter how much we all love the ending, a part of us is still hoping to know more about Peter, Tiger Lily and Tinkerbell.

2. Dangerous Girls: This is the kind of book that needs a sequel wherein instead of a continuation of the story, we’ll get a story narrated by the heroine’s best friend.

3. Don’t Get Caught: How to say this without spoiling anything? The story ended in  way that the readers know there will be a clash of wits in the future between *toot* and *toot*. If you have read this book,you know that those pranks made by the characters are pure genius and I want to know more about it.

4.Uprooted: BEST DAMN STANDALONE FANTASY that I’ve read so far. Usually, a book with a genre like this needs to have a sequel to be really good. Uprooted is different. It put the other fantasy book in shame. And the only reason why I want to have a sequel is because I want to know more about Agnieszka and the Dragon’s story. I’m not choosy. I’ll be satisfied with a novella with 150+ pages.

5. Eleanor and Park: Raise your bloody hand if you want Eleanor and Park’s love story to continue.


What’s your Top 5 books?Feel free to share or send me the link to check it out!


8 thoughts on “T5W: Books I want to have a sequel

  1. You read my mind. I’m writing my T5W post right now and I also have Dangerous Girls and Eleanor & Park. When it comes to the last one I reeeally want like a “ten years later” sort of sequel, where they randomly bump into each other. I think they’d be ready for a relationship then.

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