August Book Haul & where have I been? -Yasmin

HEY GUYS! So after months of not blogging, I’ve finally come around to write another post. I’m gonna be hauling all the books I got in August!

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and why my GR’s disappeared, here’s a quick explanation. So I haven’t been blogging because I was in Asia for the WHOLE summer! I could’ve blogged a little bit, but I was meeting and gathering with family so my online life took a backseat.
I deleted my Goodreads because it got to be really unhealthy for me, and I spend too much time on the site. Now I have an account SOLELY to add books I want to read, & be able to look at ratings/reviews. But I no longer am writing GR’s reviews! 😦

ANYWAYS, here are all the books I got in August! (Most are from online because I’m still in Asia haha)

First off, I got Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn. I’ve heard great things about this book and thought I’d give it a read! From what I’ve gathered its a dark, paranormal thriller.



Apparently Susan Dennard and SJM are BFF’s so obviously I’m gonna try Truthwitch! I’ve heard mixed things, but the premise sounds promising.




All The Rage is apparently a rape story and after reading a few poignant and emotional reviews, I immediately got it. I’m interested to read it.




I’m not exactly sure why I got this book, but the cover is really really gorgeous and I am a huge fantasy lover! But it seems like a very romance-y and trope-y book. 😦




I’m trying to read some more contemporary/realistic fiction and this book sounds amazing. I’ve also read many glowing reviews!




I, personally, do not struggle with anxiety but I know many people do. Finding Audrey was really hyped a few months ago and I’m excited to read it!





I know that Paige read this and really liked it! It sounds dark and mysterious (which I love).





I read ACOTAR over a year ago and it was meh but apparently this book is AMAZING. I didn’t actually plan on getting this until I reread ACOTAR so I added it to my Amazon “later” cart, and then my dad just ordered it. O.O




I don’t believe this requires an explanation haha.












Funny story. So about a year ago I got The Raven Boys as an ebook and I ended up giving it 2 stars. But this summer I tried again and really enjoyed it! So in Malaysia, I went to the bookstore and got the rest of the series. ^-^

Source: MPH (a malaysian bookstore)


Challenger Deep is a book I got at the end of July but I’m just adding it here haha. I LOVED IT. It was a brilliant book about mental illness told through a dual perspective, one from real life, and the other was a dreamscape made up by the MC. I would 5/5 recommend!

Source: MPH (a malaysian bookstore)

My mom and I both wanted to read this book so when I saw it I decided to get it. I’ve heard super mixed things, but my godmother recommended it to me, so I want to give it a try anyways. ^-^

Source: MPH (a malaysia bookstore)




I got this in the August OwlCrate box! Thanks so much to Crate Joy for sending it to me. ^-^

Source: Owlcrate/cratejoy



AND those are all the books I got in the month of August! Hope you didn’t mind my extended absence. I’m ready to get back into blogging, though!



3 thoughts on “August Book Haul & where have I been? -Yasmin

  1. First of all: WELCOME BAAAACK!! It’s been awhile since I last posted here too so I kinda missed your post last week hahaha

    Also, I love The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. It’s a wonderful book and really made my year.

    Lastly, I’m not sure about HP9.. I love harry potter but I’m not fond of the script-style story so I skipped it. What’s your thoughts about it?

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