About Us

Hi! Welcome to THE WILD READERS book blog. We’re just a couple of weird book lovers who want to talk about books. All things book related can be found here on our blog. Book reviews, discussions, giveaways and a lot more.

Greetings bookworm! Isil-unicorn-3‘m Yasmin (the book unicorn), an over-obsessed teenage bookworm. On top of reading, you can also find me, spending way too much of my time on Goodreads, traveling, drawing, and playing tennis. I also have an extremely unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter.

In my reviews I occasionally use potty language (deal with it ._.), and I’m not afraid to share my thoughts. Feel free to contradict my opinions though, I’m just doing this shit for fun.

You can also find me on Goodreads.



¡Hola, I’m Paige from The Shire and I wish I could tell you that I’m as awesome as a dragon, but let’s be real here. My animal spirit is most likely a hyena and it’s highly possible that I will die by choking with my drool. Yeah, that’s disgusting.

I always have this shit ass language and I tend to fucking curse every bloody time that I could and y’all motherfuckers need to accept that.



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