Duly quoted: Weekly Book Quote

So I decided to do something different with the Duly Quoted post. Usually, I use quotes from the books that I’ve read or will read but this week, I want to share something beautiful to  my fellow nerds.

“If you ever feel bad about yourself just remember that if you were a fictional character, people would probably love you for all your flaws and quirks and mannerisms that you probably hate. So just remember that okay ilu”



This is a tumblr post that I found in Facebook (I know…weird) and I fell in love with it immediately. A lot of people (including me) has felt insecurity sometimes in our life and that’s perfectly normal. I love this quote as a reader because it’s absolutely true. I’ve read a lot of books, met thousands of characters and all of them are imperfects. That only makes me love them more and I think, if we can love a fictional that is not perfect, we can also give the same (if not same, then greater) love to a real person.

That is comforting.







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