Award: Beautiful Blogger Award



– Link to the blogger who nominated you.

– List seven random facts about you.

– Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers, and notify them.


Huge thanks to our friend Kelly from Stellar Scrutiny for tagging us, for both the Infinity Dreams, and the Beautiful Blogger award. Paige just did the Infinity Dreams Award/tag, so I’m doing this one. 🙂

Seven facts about me

  1. I’m 1/2 Malaysian and 1/2 Chinese. (I may of mentioned this in another tag… but oh well.)
  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the game Literally half my computer time is devoted to it. If you haven’t played it yet, what are you doing with your life? o.O1200x630
  3.  One of my favorite things to do is blow out a candle, wait a few seconds, and then put the hot wax on the tips of my fingers. After the wax dries you can pop off the little pieces, and it’s just the most satisfying thing ever. Does anyone else do this??
  4. I also am a huge fan of the game Stop right now. If you have one, hmu!!1a6786f6da866e5391b71aec4deffe65
  5. I have a black cat named Sammy. Fuck all the things about black cats being unlucky. I’ve had 3.
  6. I’m seeing The Force Awakens for the 4th time tonight… It’s for a fundraiser for my swim team.
  7. I prefer Windows computers over Apple ones.

TAG! You’re it.

Syc from The Lit Mermaid

Aentee from Read at Midnight

Becky from Blogs of a Bookaholic

Pearl from Pearl’s Book Journey

Shealea from That Bookshelf Bitch

Ashley from Dreaming Through Literature

Summer from Xing Sings

And you! 🙂

– Yasmin Bookunicorn –

16 thoughts on “Award: Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Haha, I’ve never heard of doing that with the wax. I guess I’ll have to try it sometime. I’ll add this to the other award you all did earlier to my own post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for the sweet nomination, Yasmin and Paige! And it was great getting to learn more about you, Yasmin! I have to admit that I’ve become an Apple snob these past years. I just like them for the aesthetics and it seems easier to sync all my electronics together. But I used to be a total PC lover. And interesting! I’ve actually never played a game before (computer, video, etc), haha. XD


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